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Here is a recently posted sample ad for used beer kegs on ebay:

Sample internet auction :

I'm not sure but I believe this is an aluminum used beer kegs, apparently I'd say it has frozen at one time or another and split he seam near the bottom, it's been repaired but still has a small pin hole where they overlooked the filler pass.....would make a good ol fuel tank for a buggy or trike....that's what i bought it for but have since changed my it's for sale and Cheap, I'll pay shipping via UPS Ground all i ask is get paid with PayPal ONLY no warranty of any kind...No refunds, thanks for looking at this used beer keg.

Sample internet auction :

The Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator Series provides mobility with utility for home, club, or hospitality. This draft beer refrigerator offers full beer keg capacity, is heavy-duty, has forced air refrigeration, and draft beer is dispensed ice cold every time.
Standard construction includes wear resistant vinyl on steel exteriors with black the most popular vinyl choice. Top is made from heavy-duty stainless steel including built-in drip tray for easy cleaning. Top rail is standard on all models.
Inside construction utilizes galvanized steel for walls and ceiling. Reinforced floors and doorsills are made from heavy-duty stainless steel to provide lasting service. Door is self-closing with key lock. Magnetic gasket provides positive door sealing. Cabinet insulation is foamed-in-place moisture resistant polyurethane (CFC free) foam which binds the exterior walls with the interior walls to form solid construction and provide unsurpassed insulation.
Lift-out heavy duty forced-air refrigeration system creates a steady flow of cold air through the complete product load and provides fast uniform recovery and cooling. Refrigerant used is R134a, which is CFC free for full compliance to all environmental concerns. A 6' cord and gounded plug are provided for electrical connection.

Is the product new or used? Like new is not new, almost new is not new, open box or open package is not new.
Reconditioned, remanufactured and factory serviced is NOT new! Often these items should sell for 30% less than new. Is it used? How used is it? a descprition such as " used to work like new " is NOT a good indication that the product is in good condition. How many are you bidding on? If the title and description clearly states the description as " 16 Bandana's in 8 styles " - you are bidding on 16 NOT 128, if you have ANY doubt or suspicion about anything listed in the description, email the vendor and get a reply before you bid on the item.
Feedback rating of seller - Always, always, always read the feedback comments of the seller BEFORE bidding on a sellers auction. This will indicate thier most recent success or complaints of recent buyers. Find out that a seller has 3 recent negative feedbacks after the auction is too late!